kiLLa is a hip hop crew that represents Tokyo city, Japan. There are nine members: YDIZZY, Arjuna, Blaise, KEPHA (rappers), No Flower (DJ and beatmaker), acuteparanoia (beatmaker), YESBØWY (VJ, designer), Yuki Nakajo (designer).

Considering their presentation, grasp on varied flow patterns, and diversity of rap skills among its members, it's easy to tell that they have the key ingredients of group that can reach a mass of people, and they’re already doing that during their crazy performances that look almost like punk live shows. First group EP “kiLLa EP vol.1” was released digitally in December 2016, following by “kiLLa EP vol.2 Summer Edition” and “kiLLa EP vol.3 F.O.E (Family Over Everything). Each member of the group has their own solo material as well.

kiLLa members’ activity is very wide, besides music they do fashion design, party organization etc. The group has a tight grip on culture and aesthetics for young kids worldwide to lose their minds over.